Men, I had been dating a man for 8 months. I believed the situation to be going

well. He explained he was not ready for a relationship due to a recent break up but was attracted to me. He knew that I wanted to be in one with him but continued to see me anyway. Almost out of the blue we stopped making contact. Almost overnight. Had a couple short conversations after that but I never really understood why he left. Now, about 4 months later, he is in contact with me again. I am not pursuing this at all, he makes all the initiative to speak with me. He has mentioned on more than one account that he still holds open the idea there may be something for us in the future but talks quite a bit about sex together. He is well aware of my feelings for him and what I expect from him. Not sure how to take this. Is this a walk-away?


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  • I would suggest walking in neither direction. Let him figure out what he wants. He sounds like he may be interested and you sound like you may still be interested in him. If you want to have sex with him, it's your call, but don't let yourself get attached if you start. Stay where you are, between liking him and walking away, and make him walk to you if that's what he wants. If he keeps being a little bitch about not wanting a relationship or some sh*t, but still wanting sex with you or to keep seeing you begin walking away. If he doesn't start to get serious just forget about it.

    • I agree with the walking to me. That's my intention with not taking the initiative, it gives a very clear picture what his intentions are. It was the other way around in the first part of our dating. I feel in total control and am in that "gray" area where I am aware it can go either way. Would love to have the relationship but there has to be some word about sooner than later.


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  • It means he doesn't like you that much, but he would like to have sex with you. He sounds flaky and will probably leave after he gets what he wants.


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  • I think he's just trying to use you. Because you humor him, he knows you still have some sort of affection for you, and he's trying to use it. Otherwise, he'd be wooing you, not talking about sex after no contact.