White guy dating black girl for the first time....

What are some of your worries/thoughts/concerns? I know it's new thing for him and I'm just curious.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Pretty much, you're going to have to prepare for some scrutiny, either from strangers, acquaintances, or even family. The issue of black/white interracial dating is still an "issue" with some black and white ppl, unfortunately.

    If you can withstand the occasional stare, stank-face, and family member saying things about how their family won't accept you or whatever...who knows? That can make your relationship stronger. :)

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What Guys Said 4

  • I wouldn't have worries, just concern for if someone insulted her (then again that would be for whatever girl I dated even if she wasn't black). I usually wouldn't care at all, id just focus on her

  • All the problems will be in your heads.

  • I wouldn't have any concerns at all.


What Girls Said 2

  • I mean... what do you expect people to tell you? It's the same situation as any two people dating for the first time.

  • Really really get to know him before you put your trust in him and make sure he has good honest intentions.but I guess you'd do that with any guy..

    Being culturally compatible is a big one. I'm black and I don't know how or if I could be compatible with most white guys because I like Tyler Perry movies and he probably likes Seth Rogen movies, our senses of humor might be different...ok that was a dumb example pretend I didn't say that but you know what I mean..but everyone is different.make sure he treats you the way he's supposed to