Did he text me because he's still thinking about me?

This guy texted me last night at 10 or so that just said my name then a smiley face. I'm assuming he was drunk because it was later-and he does like to party sometimes. I'm abroad so I didn't get it till later and haven't heard anything back.

We've been talking for almost a year and in the beginning, he texted everyday for 3 months straight-even when I was at school 3 hours away. He still wanted to talk to me about anything and everything and when we saw each other, he was really sweet, would pay for everything even when I offered and was pretty protective (like we were dating but not),

Then over the summer, he stopped talking to me, and he later told me he was moving to a different state and didn't want a long distance relationship. He wanted to keep in touch and see each other when we could but he didn't see how we would make it work when he was thousands of miles away.

I went abroad for a semester and we have occasionally chatted and we have both told each other we missed talking to each other. I definitely was not over him so I have texted him sometimes saying I miss him, then he told me he missed talking to me too. He doesn't always respond to my messages though, so I'm trying to move on.

Then he'll randomly text me with smiley faces. Why is he texting me this? If he was drunk could he have been thinking about me a lot and decided to text me?


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  • I think you need to block him because it means nothing and its making you we one guess something that isn't her


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  • it means that he is trying to flirt with you I guess then get a winky face from you or something I think he's kind of weird but is he says he misss you he is probably thinking about you also, if you are thinking bout him he is too


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  • He's texting for a reason, but maybe not the reason you expect.. maybe he think's that you are cute and fun to talk with and know that he always can have a good time with you, but only when he wants. You should do the same, try to answer him not all his messages and if he texts you again you should ask him what he thinks about you :)