Uhm, help with..kissing? lol...

Could someone please please help me?

I had my first make out lol and the guy sorta put his tongue in my mouth. I had no clue what to do. What should I do when this happens?


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  • you shoulda bit it and then slapped him in the face

    • Hahahaha I should've!

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  • Put your tough in his mouth.

    Its called a french kiss

  • you put your tongue in his mouth


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  • You also put your tongue in his mouth and kinda caress each others' tongues. I know it's really intimidating at first but pretty easy once you get the hang of it. If you've ever seen the movie Cruel Intentions there's a scene where Sarah Michelle Gellar teaches her Selma Blair how to french kiss, it's actually pretty helpful link

    • Yeah it really is intimidating. And thanks so much!

  • put your tongue in his mouth. follow his pace, or create your own pace for him to follow. or tell him you're not ready for tongue yet. its OK to take your time. I wish I had. id never kissed before and the guy rammed his tongue in my mouth and I just tried to figure out what to do so he wouldn't feel bad.. instead of just slowing things down. its kind of like I missed my first kiss, so take your time. imo.

    • Very good answer thanks! I'll keep that in mind

  • stick your tongue in his mouth GENTLY! then explore his mouth while he explores yours! also caress his body with your hands & just get to know your partner's body! making out should come naturally because chances are, he knows what he's doing & you can basically copy him! but if you struggle with it the next time ; try writing the alphabet with your tongue!

    • Thank you, very helpful! I did something like that I think haha. He told me he could tell I haven't kissed many guys and I was like uh oh. That's embarrassing..

      Can a girl start a french kiss?

    • maybe he sensed you were nervous ; he probably thought it was sweet that you haven't kissed a bunch of guys to be completely honest. & if you are confident enough to start the french kiss, go for it! but if not, then when y'all are just casually kissing then you can slightly open your mouth & he will get the hint! it all depends on your personality, cause if you're too shy to go through with it then the kiss won't be as enjoyable but guys love a girl that is confident enough to kiss him first :)

  • Lol, according to these male answers, they are the wrong people to be asking! lol

    The girls have beautiful answers.

    I would help, but honestly, I'm selfish and I want to keep my kissing secrets to myself.

    • Lol guys will be guys, and true.

      Aww that's not coooool :(

    • I'm sorry. At least I'm genuine enough to be honest :) ? lol

      yeah, their answers suck, but the answers below me are so eloquently phrased