Would an attractive British girl date an American guy?

If there's anything I need in this world, it's a hot British girl! Their accents are just too much! I love them. And when an English girl is hot, she's HOT... smoking hot! Would a British girl date an American?


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  • I love American guys :) I was in the US this summer, and seriously, the boys I spoke to had the sexiest accents. I found that guys in general took better care of their bodies too. Guys over here don't seem to know what a gym is. But anyways, to answer your question, YES! I know plenty of British girls that would like a hot American boyfriend. I would love to date an American guy, but I don't know any in London, it's frustrating!

    • Oh c'mon we don't have accents! :)


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  • Sure, I don't see why not? Gotta meet one first though.

    -love Sosa

    • That's the tough part considering they're half of the world away haha.

  • Definitely would


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