I really do care about her and I feel like things aren't going to be the same.

So to start this off, me and this girl were good friends and she was dating this guy and I found out from my best friend that she caught feelings for me while dating this guy. I heard from many other people at my school that she always said I was the perfect guy to. So I eventually told her that I caught feelings to and she ended up breaking up with that guy. We started 'talking' and flirting with each other. Everything was going great. After a while I finally asked her to go out with me to dinner and she seemed excited. That day came around and she said she was able to go out at 9:00. So I waited. While I was waiting I was messing around on my friends twitter and saw she was tweeting her friend to hang out. So I thought she was lying to me and confronted her about it. She got mad and said I was questioning her to much and that she wasn't lying to me. The worst possible thing happened and we didn't end up going out. The next day at school she said everything was okay but I was flipping out because I thought I screwed it up. She seemed okay but I kept asking her if it was and apologizing and stuff. Anyways a couple days later I texted her and I felt like I was getting a bad video from her. She then replied saying that she thanks differently of me now because of the way I acted the day after our date got cancelled. She said she got creeped out or something. But I only acted worried because I didn't want to mess things up. I don't know what to do now because I really do care about her and I feel like things aren't going to be the same. Is there anyway I can fix this or start over or something? Please someone I need advise because I'm feeling extremely depressed. thanks


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  • When a guy I just started dating or talking to shows that much emotion about something very small, it honestly freaks me out a bit. Don't fret though. Give her a little space. Just be friends for a little bit longer and don't act to controlling and maybe you can try things again.


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  • When you reacted like the way you did it scared her off. It's going to be hard to recover from this position as any conversation apologising for acting the way you did, as in you care for her etc is going to make things worse. There is a lot of psychology involved in a new relationship or new date, if you come on too strong or show you are too keen then it will likely put them off very quickly, I leant that the hard way! lol. You can be friendly and nice with a girl but still not tell her that you fancy her etc...I personally like a bit of teasing as long as its done in a flirty way. I think you acted a bit fast as she may have wanted her friends to hang out with you, you just don't know. If she had actually cancelled your date to hang out with her friends. In my opinion you don't need to confront her on it. You pretty much know she can take or leave a date with you so in that case you know just to leave it and ask out a different girl!