I can't even look a guy I like in the eyes. What's wrong with me?

I don't know why but I always ignore people I like. I'm 18yrs old and never dated anyone. Although I would love to date someone there is just something that holds me back from even talking to a guy I like... I don't know what the underlying problem is. Anyone has some tips?


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  • I think that's normal. same for me. but you have no reason to because chances are, he's probably attracted to you anyway. men find most women attractive.


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  • Have you ever been rejected? It may be a case of "fear of rejection". One of my friends have this and she's scared that if she opens up to to a guy she┬┤ll be hurt or rejected.

    • Could be. Though, speaking as a guy, rejection isn't so bad. It's scary at first, and when it happens, turns out it does hurt, however, only in the moment. So long as one doesn't take it personally, it's really easy to bounce back. Well, for me anyway.