Ever feel sad when you get over an ex?

Hey everyone!

My ex broke up with me 4 months ago after about dating for a year. His reason was he felt too young to commit. I was really sad at first. But I do have to see him at school everyday and work with him. Over time, I'm realizing he's a very petty guy. He's very calculative and manipulative. He talked me into dating him a year and a half ago by talking himself up for a few months. Turns out, it was all talk. He's very much an immature boy in my opinion.

Anyway, when I'm at school with him working on group projects together, I find I don't miss him or want him anymore. But somehow, not having those feelings is making me feel empty. It was nice when he still had that power over me where every time he was near me, I wanted him so bad! It doesn't make sense to feel this way though!

Anyone else feel sad when your feelings for your ex start fading?


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  • Yes it's the saddest thing in life when your feelings start to fade. It's like when you start forgetting things about someone who died, it's not your fault, but you feel like you're somehow betraying their memory or something.

    It's even worse when the person is still around, and see them often, but your memory of your time together starts getting blocked out, because you naturally have to move on.

    It's nothing you can prevent..maybe that's why it's so sad, because then you know you are over, for good.


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  • Maybe you are missing the drama of it all.I'm honestly glad to be over my last partner.I am ready for someone who is a better fit for me,because I am also a better person having learned from my own mistakes and choices.I don't have time for missing...nonsense.

  • You miss the love and companionship, don't worry it will pass and the hole will be filled when you find someone more worthwhile, glad to hear you have the right approach to him now.

    • Actually, that makes perfect sense! I can't wait to meet the next guy! Just so hard to meet someone. But thanks a lot for your insightful answer :)

  • Sure of course it's normal.