How often should I text a girl I'm interested in?

There is a girl that I have a huge crush on at my high school. We're in one class together, but outside of that I don't really talk to her much (she's usually busy with her girlfriends when not in class).

I've texted her occasionally. Last Tuesday evening I texted her and we had a long, pretty nice conversation. Because of that, I texted her back the next night around the same time. She didn't reply (side note: I was on Facebook at the time and saw she was online, so she wasn't overly busy). This kinda scared me off, so I haven't texted her since.

What should I do? I want to communicate enough with her that we have a chance to really get to know each other, but I don't want to annoy her and ruin any chance I may have. I'm kind of stuck in the middle. Advice?


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  • I would text her. As a girl, I like it when people text me because I know they're thinking about me :). I think it's really nice to just say "hey, what's up" or whatever. Try again. That's my opinion.

    You'll be able to tell if she doesn't want to text you and you'll get the one word answers from her or she'll just tell you. :) There's no harm in trying. Seriously. Worst case scenario is that she tells you to leave her alone, but I DOUBT that would happen, seeing as you've had a nice conversation with her before.


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  • Wait a few more days, text her again. If she doesn't respond or seem interested in talking, let her text you next time.


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  • Every other day if she likes you.