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Am I getting too serious in the early stages of dating?

OK, girls and guys, I need some advice.I met up with a girl at Starbucks on Nov. 24, and we seemed to hit it off and planned to go out again. I hugged her at the end of the date, and we texted each other some flirty messages.The second date rolls around. We head to a pizza parlor and everything looked to be positive. At the date's end, we hug. I kiss her on the cheek, then her lips. "That was fun!" she says as we kiss on the lips. Probably too soon, but I sent her a text that night saying I had an awesome time and cannot wait to do something with her again. I didn't get a response until about 24 hours later. She said, "Thanks for dinner last night. It was nice hanging out with you. I think I'm more interested in being friends. I'm sorry."Was I took serious? To me, she wanted a kiss. How is one supposed to keep interest if one doesn't give a kiss on the cheek, etc.? And not be friend-zoned?I'd say I am a nice, respectful, considerate guy. Sometimes too nice.I don't it, guys and girls. Any advice for my "future" in dating would be appreciated.Thanks.

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  • she's weird , if someone did that to me I would totally be happy , !

  • i don't see how you did anything wrong... maybe she just wasn't feeling it but didn't want to be mean in person.if a guy texted me that after a date I would be happy if I liked him back.sorry it didn't work out with her.

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