When do you feel like you should be "exclusive" about a potential partner?

Do you date more than one person at a time? If you're not in a relationship that's been said to be mutually exclusive, do you think it's okay to be involved with other people? If you just reasonably think you COULD end up with someone, do you think that's enough to stop dating around and cut off other prospects?

I've noticed there seems to be a switch from when you're a teenager and are only after one person, to the adult world of dating where people look for potential mates and sometimes go on dates with different people even during the same week. If you're particularly interested in one person, do you feel right about seeing others? Or since you're not with them yet, does it make sense to you?


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  • If I'm at all intimate with someone I'm not going to be intimate with anyone else. That's just me though. If I'm dating person one and would feel bad about them seeing me kissing/etc person 2, it's time to go exclusive or end it. Wherever you draw your own line, it's important to both people make their expectations clear


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  • Sure I date several women at a time if its possible. As long as everyone involved know that we're dating...but not exclusive...and as long as kissing is all that's going on. I'll date multiple women, waiting for one to pull ahead of the rest by having less red flags...showing more interest in me, and ultimately the one who asks me to be exclusive is usually the one I pick. In my experience usually around the 6th date she's hinting at the possiblity of being exclusive...then its up to me if I agree or not.

    Sure my interest in one person goes into my decision making, but personally I'm more interested in what her interest level is verses my own.

  • some can handle many some can handle only one.just depends on how you life go's whether you speeding in the fast lane or just cruisen. with one person you don't wanna be to clingy cause that can chase them away having more than one at a time can be a juggle lifestyle like your putting on a show for them both to be happy or you can have a bad day with one or both can make you feel pretty bad. I choose to have one and just look at others but don't care to date them but I do tease them to let me know how attractive I am and so I don't get rusted with attraction on my girlfriend cause if I lose it she will leave..and that's just a little thought on what things can happen in this situation I have done both and one women is plenty now XD life is all a test on where you gonna go in life be friendly and welcoming to all


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  • Id focus on dating one person

  • When you and the person you're dating decide to do so.

    Usually, it's around the month to six week mark, but that's just a generalization.

    • What I'm asking is if people feel comfortable still seeing others when they think they have a potential relationship with a specific person. In other words, BEFORE the mutual exclusivity/"we're dating" talk.

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    • Like I said, I'm not talking about at the start necessarily. Not within the first few days. I'm talking about once you see someone as a really possible potential partner. When there's enough there to feasibly think that it's going to turn out, but there's no official label yet, no actual relationship. I get what you're saying about the differences, but it's not quite what I'm asking. I'm just asking people how personally they feel once they start feeling like they have a focus.

    • Generally they feel like not dating other people, hence the "exclusive talk" coming. That's what triggers the talk.