Should I just delete him from my contacts?

This guy and I were really good friends for half a year. We'd text, talk and dated for a bit until he stopped communicating with me cold turkey. I really liked him. I texted him a little but stopped after no response from him whatsoever. After 5 months of nothing I text him a "Happy Thanksgiving" last week. He tells me he got a new phone and didn't have my number. Considering he had my e-mail, I felt that if he really wanted to communicate with me, he could have. Our Thanksgiving conversation lasted about 5 texts, and we were both cordial, yet short on response with the other. I kind of got the feeling that he was angry with me. Anyways, we ended at that and I haven't heard anything since. Not sure if I was looking for an explanation after all this time, since I liked him a lot and was angry and still am. I know the time to move on is probably overdue. Should I just delete my contact with him? Does that help moving on go faster? I feel like after all this time, I'm just waiting on the possibility that we'd resume what we had.


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  • No. What helps move on faster is knowing what happened. Because you will continue to wonder what went wrong. So why don't you try to talk to him about it(if you already haven't) and if he doesn't seem interested in the conversation I would cut ties.


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  • To answer your question about removing him from your contacts, I say yes this helps a person to move on faster.