How do I make this not awkward?

There is this girl at work that I like and we have been flirting and talking a lot. Yesterday she looked really pretty and I was going to tell her but I did not get a chance. I was wondering if I should send her a message on Facebook, a text or wait to tell her in person. I don't want it to be awkward the next time we talk but I want to complement her. Which way (text, fb or person) is the best way?


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  • just try and see


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  • Talk to her face to face not on Facebook, not by text just tell her "O I like you dress" or just when she do something smart, tell her how smart she is, we like it really :)

  • In person.

    I want to see a persons face when they compliment me :) So this girls might as well.

    Besides this way you will see HER reaction and this will help you understand her feelings towards you better.


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