How do you know when a guy wants to kiss you ?

how do you know if he wants to kiss you and when ?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Constant eye contact, fleeting touches to your arms, hands, hair or face combined with verbal flirting is generally how I let a girl know I might be warming up to a kiss. Granted, each approach might be a bit different based upon the personality of the guy. I'm a very physically affectionate guy and love hugs, kisses and the like. To me, it comes very naturally. I don't really think a whole lot about it. I'm paying attention to her body language and if the moment feels right and I can sense she would like to be kissed, I wait a little while longer. There's nothing like anticipation to make a girl go crazy! Ha ha, yes, I am very evil in this regard! :D


What Girls Said 1

  • he'll gaze at your lips. he'll move a lot closer to you. he'll touch you like on your arm or face or your hair.