Wil a guy only kiss you if he likes you?

One of my friends kissed me the other day. We were just joking around when the topic came up. I guess we've had this flirty relationship going for almost a year now but it still caught me off guard.

So will a guy only kiss you if he likes you or should I just ignore what happened?


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  • If you are asking if your friend kissed yoiuonly as a friend or if he is attracted to you. then I would say, yes, he is def. attracted to you. I certainly wouldn't kiss a guy (im assuming on the lips here) if I just saw him as a friend. How did he kiss you? on the lips, or cheek?


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  • anyone can kiss for any reason. especially if theyre attracted ti u. but since you're already friends he likes you as a person. and he's attracted to u.

    if you 'like' him, tell him.

    you should be talking to him about whether he likes you or not.

  • No. A guy can kiss you even if he don't like u, the same way guys sleep with girls that they could care less for...but you never know, your friend may like u. go with your instinct and give it a shot.