Should I call him/text him???

I met a guy a week ago and we really hit it off. We ended up spending the weekend together. A couple of days ago, he asked me to dinner and then we went to his place to watch a movie. When I left, I told him I was free this weekend and he said we would be in touch. He sends me 1 or 2 text a day just saying hi. Should I call/text him to see if he wants to get together tomorrow or just let it go? He is really hard to figure out. When we are together it is great but there is not much communication between that. Help please...


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  • The two of you just met and spent mutilple days over the weekend, dinner night, and then a movie together. I can't speak for all guys, but most guys would say that is a shit ton of time together. Its cool that you two hit it off and if he didn't feel something he wouldn't spend that much time with you. But like I said before that is a lot of time with you in a relative short period. He just needs time to reenergize. My personal opinion would be NOT to call him. After spending that much time with a girl if she calls me I would label her as clingy and that's not attractive to a guy. Get involved in your hobbies (I'm sure you have some). This will give you two something to talk about next time and shows him you are active and can be independant.


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  • The relationship has just begun so of course there hasn't been too much communication. Call him up and suggest a movie or dinner sometime this weekend.

  • the worst thing you can do is see each other too much in the beginning, it ruins the fun, you guys spent the weekend together, now give it a rest. when he wants to hang out he will def ask you. there's no need to push it too soon, give it a breather, just make sure you show your interest, by calling in general etc.