Why would my ex text me by mistake?

My girlfriend broke up with me a month a go she doesn't love me anymore she knows I still love her but last 2 weeks she text me something it wasn't for me I replied she said sorry wrong person anyway now a gain I got a empty text from her I didn't reply this time what is she trying to do? she doesn't care about me I know that but what's with text help me girls and guys thank u.


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  • lol I used to do the same thing . she obviously knows she's texting you . - because if she really doesn't care about you , she would've deleted your number and its hard to by accidentally text someone (unless they have similar names) . see what happens if you text her hey! or how's it going ? . if she's positive , she's been thinking about you . if she's negative , she's just being annoying :D

    • Yeh true I was thinking why is she still have my number? I'm shocked I fell there's no hope that she would take me back! But do you think there might be a chance? Cause she still has my number! what should I do? I don't want to text her now and say hi how are u? I don't want to seem needy but I want her back help please thik of something thank u

    • im not sure . . . but if you wanna make things funny . you can do the same thing to her (hopefully without pissing her off) - and only once

      just say "hey" (thats all I can think of - sorry :S) - but only when she randomly texts you . if a convo is made then keep talking , but not to much . try to be nice , but don't flirt or say sappy things (then you would sound needy)


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  • She's just doing that to test water and mess with you. She's too scared to initiate a convo with you. She wants to see what your response will be so she knows where how you're feeling. The best thing for you to do is ignore her. It's really hard to "aacidently" text someone, more so to do it multiple times.

  • oh ouchhh. does she hate you? I doubt it was a mistake..


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