How long should I date a girl before I tell her I have MS?

well I'm 25 and I was dating a girl for 4 years until 3 months ago when I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis she just up and left one day soon after. I started going on dates this girl a 3 weeks ago, when should I inform her? some people say don't for a few months until it gets serious because she will have secrets from me I won't know for awhile and some say do it early just tell her 3 or 4 dates in?


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  • how bad is it? If its not that bad why mention it at all unless its brought up?

  • Probably within a month or so. If you want a girl to be serious about you, it's going to have a big role in your relationship at some point. If she can't handle it, wouldn't you rather know before you get too invested in her?


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