Dating new guy, total gentlemen?

I never thought I would be dating this guy that I have known for 8 years, he is not one of these typical "dime a dozen" guys he is a complete gentlemen, which most girls I think are just not mature and they just have to date a "nice guy" once.

Ladies so a 6 foot 5 guy with a decent build, great blue eyes... and a "Nice guy" , possibility yes or no? (and nice guy means not materialistic, thinks of you before them-self, knows how to open a door for a Woman)


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  • Why not give him a chance, he seems decent to me from what little you've shared? You've known him for a long time so that's a plus. If you want to keep your gentleman, act like the perfect lady. It works hand in hand. Men feel more gentlemanly when they're in the presence of a girl who makes them feel masculine in a good way. Go for it and put your best foot forward!


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  • Sounds like you found a great guy.

  • Are nice guys not nice enough?

  • lol now that your old you want him, what was wrong about giving him the cookie when you were 23


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  • I thought I met one, went on a few dates and he was so sweet. Compliments all the time, hold the door open for me, make sure I got home safe etc. All that changed when I wouldn't have sex with him after only knowing him for 2 weeks. I think some guys use this as a front to get you interested in them and to "fall" for them hoping when they want sex you'll give it to them since you've never met a guy so nice. Uhhh not this girl lol! I don't roll like that, I barely know the guy and he's trying to make me feel guilty because I'm not satisfying his needs. SO I'd like to believe there are nice guys out there, I just haven't met a genuine one. Give him a chance though, if something ever seems off or he's rushing into something end it :)

    • well you have a point , yet normally those types are trying to get into the sack, now this guy has not made any moves other than kiss, I am kinda wondering because I honestly want to because he is not the selfish kind but I am not going to throw myself onto him. and they are out there, but we just overlook them for the meaningless popular jackass types

    • My ex was super nice and everything to begin with then about a month into it he put the pressure on. Then broke it off because I wouldn't yet. So it depends on some guys, some are "patient" and some get to the point quick. Though with the ex I think he was only "patient" because he had something else going on. Your guy sounds nice! I hope I meet one soon lol. He's know you for a while so he'll probably be less likely to mess it up by being a jerk knowing it would hurt your feelings :)