Why are we not having sex but you're sleeping over more than ever?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 4 months and we have had sex before but not as much as I am use to with guys all he wants to do is cuddle and now we have sex maybe once a week work nights and he do work a lot and when we have the same off days he spends the night with me and lately he have been spending more nights than ever he has a lot of clothing at my home and I noticed his favorite sleeping pants were left behind this morning with his PlayStation 3 that he play all the time and all his games he even put his new never worn clothing in my closet did spend Thanksgiving with him and his family and he did visit my church with me something he say he would never do with a female don't understand why he want to cuddle and not have sex like we should and to be honest he did cheat once and I found out but he did not deny it and then he always ask me after sex was I good enough for you are he will say something like do I need a couple of more inches for and a man got to know what he is doing when he is with you! He is good to me and spoil me rotten but this cuddling is scary and holding me all night just wonder am I being a fool?


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  • Of course you want more sex. He need to play less games and more to "play" with you. I can give you some ideas. Surprise him once in the tub with lots of foam. Invite him to join you. Trimme and shave your pubic hair in the shape of heart. Tell him, are she irresistible? Do you have a desire to kiss her?

    Learn tantra together. It's a completely different view of lovemaking. Spiritual and physical. He will be able to have multiple orgasms, you too. It also has a lot to to enhance the desire, shared meditation ...



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  • I would talk to him about what you feel. Did he act the same way when you found out the first time he cheated?. Repeat patterns are a giveaway.

    Good luck

  • Just initiate it. He probably thinks you'll reject it


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