First off, I want to preface this by confessing that I am an awkward/shy/anxious person...

but I cover it up VERY well, so please consider this while answering the question. I know I'm in the wrong.

A guy I met in August texted me constantly up until very recently. He had been asking to take me out- he did this many times. There were times I didn't answer, however he still texted again trying to get somewhere with me. I avoided seeing him by using different excuses or just ignoring his texts, but I was interested. It took me about 2 weeks to text him, after I didn't reply to the last one he sent, but he hasn't texted me back and its been a week since.

For someone that was extremely keen for the last 4 months, why is he ignoring my text now?

He just called! :)))


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  • A guy will eventually get the hint and leave you alone and move on, but a good thing to do is pretend it was a game, just text back, saying you gave up early, thought you had more than that, this will spark his interest in you and almost seem that you have been interested in him all along but wanted to see how far he was willing to go, this is probably your best reply to his silence apart from admitting you ignored his text because you didn't know what to say, good luck,x


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  • Your best bet if you like him is to tell him that your really shy and that you like him but were uncomfortable since it's your first time and all. He'll understand if he really likes you.

  • Looks like he got mad and gave up. Ron601 nailed the advice.

  • You kept rejecting him! Why do you expect a guy to keep chasing you after you tell him no. If your interested in him you text him first and you start making offers to get together.

    • My last text was a text asking him out...

    • If he didn't respond to that then he is no longer interested.

  • because he found someone else, and it's YOUR FAULT for playing games. YOU KNOW WHY.

    • I wasn't playing games, I've never been in a relationship. I was just too angsty to meet with him. Useful answer, thanks a lot...

    • he asked you out like what 3 times? and you turned him down like crazy? lol yeah you were playing games just think about it. If a guy you're pursueing would talk to you, but refuse to go on date with you. Pretty much would piss you off right?

    • Ugh I suppose you're right

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