Am I right to give him a second chance? Or am I just stupid

I was with a guy for a few months and everything was going great, I was his first girlfriend even though we are not that young. So one day I get this text from him saying he doesn't feel the same anymore, that's OK and all it hurt but I got over it. Three weeks later I'm out dancing having a good time and he turns up, he texts me the next day saying I looked good. He wanted to talk so I agreed, I've agreed to give him a chance but am I stupid to think he won't do it again?


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  • Cutting it short - YES you'd be stupid to give him a chance.

    The guy clearly either isn't stable with his thoughts while being clearly inexperienced or he's doing some stupid experiments based on some stuff he's read / a friend's advice

    It's not worth the (god forbid) heartburn later IF the situation does repeat itself again.


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  • A few months isn't long enough to deserve a 2nd chance already. 9 mos to a year maybe. You need to move on.


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  • I don't think we can answer this for you since we don't know him at all.

    In general, though, I'd recommend taking things slowly. I understand your concerns because I'd feel the same with pretty much every guy who dumped me once. It's like once they've done that, you know what they're capable of doing so you're wary and paranoid. When my last ex dumped me I wanted him back, but then I imagined what it would be like, and I came to the conclusion that he needs to grow a lot more and learn a lot more about relationships before I'd be able to feel entirely comfortable in the relationship again.

    If you really like this guy, then give him another chance. But like I said, take it slow and be prepared for the worst. I think the fact you were his first girlfriend isn't very good because he probably needs a lot more experiences before he learns how to make things work and last.

    Good luck to you!