How often do girls date guys when the girl is out of the guys league?

Something I have come to realize is I only like girls who are basically out of my league, I am not afraid to approach them or anything. All the girls I like are beyond gorgeous and I guarantee you anybody would agree with me if you saw the girls I liked. I do not see myself being anymore physically attractive than an average guy, so how often do girls date someone not in their league.


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  • There's no such thing as leagues, only cowardliness. If you like a chick go talk to her, if she says no to a date well at least you tried.


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  • I think it depends on the girl. Some girls I know are shallow and picky and will only like guys they think are hot. I know a lot of pretty girls who date guys who aren't 'in their league' though. I'm in high school, so it's mostly 'popular' people dating 'popular' people though, but there are really pretty 'popular' girls that date unattractive 'popular' guys because they like their personality and get along well with them.

  • ugh I don't believe in leagues unless we are talking about social classes... like there is no way I could date prince harry or something...


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  • You're not afraid to approach them. So I'm assuming you do approach these girls. Why don't YOU tell US how often these girls say "Yes" to your advances?

    • Haha, by approach I mean talk to, not necessarily ask them out. I need a lot of incentive to ask a girl out, which is why I am asking this question.

  • Its not all about looks, not everyone thinks of physical attractiveness as the way to gauge league.

    A gorgeous girl could want to date down on looks for a few reasons which make her see her market value as low:

    Single Parent

    Drug user

    Mental illness or personality disorder such as borderline

    Has dated enough guys on her physical attractiveness level and couldn't get along with them

    Has a small social life that isn't around alcohol and doesn't get hit on much due to guys being intimidated.