Is online dating something you would recommend? Particulary for people in their early 20s?

I'm thinking about signing up for one, mainly because I have a really hard time finding a boyfriend and it's really frustrating. But the whole thing seems rather intimitating to me and most people seem to be rather old.

Have you ever tried online dating? Would you recommend it in general? And would you recommend it for someone around my age (19)?


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  • Yes. I've tried it, on the two biggest free dating websites. Amazingly, I actually got a fair amount of numbers, and a couple of dates from it. Tons of texting, lol.

    And no, I would not recommend it. At all. Do yourself a favor, and don't sign up, lol.

    • why not?

    • 1. For one, people flake out so much. 2. So much less interest, really. Online, you look at an ad, try to make a snap decision. In person, there's so much more communication possible, a chance for chemistry to show. 3. People don't show how they really look, old pictures, cropped pictures, etc. 4. On the internet, good looking people get tons of messages and ugly people send tons. So much easier to chat with a cute girl or guy in person that try to get their attention online.

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  • One of my friends signed up for one a few weeks ago. She met this one guy that she seems to be falling over herself for so in her case it worked out I guess.


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  • Most of the guys who hit on you will be 25-35. It depends if you're open to that.