Guys, how do you feel about a girl texting you first?

i met a guy at a paint party on Friday and we hit it off and danced the whole night. we saw each other again at a party on Saturday and he was with me the entire time and he even admitted that he was trying to make himself look cool to me so I could like him; and that he was so brave to come up to talk to me Because of the alcohol lol he was with me the entire time till I had to leave and he begged me not to go but I had to anyway.

i got a couple of drunk texts from him that night and we were just talking generally. the next day I saw pictures of us together online so I showed them to him and he said the pic made him happy and that I had a pretty smile. he also said something along the lines of taking me to shows and dinner sometime. he had to go so he said he liked talking to me and that I was awesome. and we should talk later.

it's been two days and I haven't heard from him but I did see him today and he smiled at me and I smiled back.

sooo do you think I should text him. I'm not sure if he likes me or not, because if he did, he would text me, right? i


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  • Why are girls so obsessive over texts!? I see so many questions about girls wonder if "he" is going to text back, or why "he" is texting or who should text first. If girls are tht concerned why don't you just call the kid. Communication is getting lost these days.


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  • This is not a very manly thing to say, but I like it.

    Sometimes, when I find myself always having to initiate texting with a certain girl.. I start to feel awkward about it haha. ^^" Maybe its just because I'm not the most confident guy, but when a girl only texts in reply, it gets me wondering if she's even interested, even if all other signs point towards yes.

    • right..the only thing I'm worried about though is that he hasn't text me first before except for when he was drunk on the night we hung out. I would feel comfortable texting first if he had done it more know what I mean?

    • Oh.. sorry I misread. Yeah text him. Youve only known him for a week, no need to over analyze anything yet.

  • I text first - she texts first. Who cares?

  • Go for it, or better yet, go talk ftf.

  • would really love it


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