Why does he lie a lot?

my boyfriend keeps telling me lies, he doesn't want me to text chat or talk to guys or even hangout with guys. so when he ask I tell him the truth I am with friends and some guys he gets pissed. he told me he does texts or message with any girls . but recently a girl added and send me their messages I don't know but she did. and since we were together he has been messaging girls saying I miss you, wanna come over. I am not mad he texts or chats with girls I am mad Because he has the guts to get mad at me while he does it behind my back and when I ask him he lies.. this is the 4th time he has lied to. why is he doing that and should I just break up?


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  • You should definitely break up. To have guts to do something like that behind your back and not allowing you to hangout with guys it's really rude. He can chat and say that he misses that other girl-imagine what is he sending to other girls. You deserve someone better!

  • If there's no trust between you two...gtfo, I've been with the same guy for 2 years and I'm jealous of any sort of attractive looking girl because I have no self esteem so I can't trust my boyfriend around them I'm always afraid he's going to either cheat on me hiton them or leave me for them.