How to know if someone is right for you?

I'm looking for the right guy after dating the wrong one, and I went on a date with a nice guy last night and we just talked and laughed for a few hours and got to know each other, but it wasn't exactly a BLAST.

I'm going out with him again tonight, basically how do you know when a guy or a person is right for you? How many dates should you wait to see if there's a spark there?


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  • oh I see,okay my dear princess,how is life going on there for you and your family there

    I hope everything is well fine.i am also doing fine as well,i feel so happy to read your profile here.i am every interested about it.i have also never been into relationship before.i really hope that this years to next years is the year,that I will soon find my lovely lady who I will love and also be with and start a long term relationship with her as well together here okay?


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  • Well, good that you give him a second chance at least. But I'd say that if the second date isn't promising, you're probably not going to end up together anyway.


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  • For me, it's all about how I feel for the guy. It doesn't usually take me a certain amount of time before I know whether or not I want to be with a guy. I think you'll just know. Look deep inside of you while your with him tonight and ask yourself, "Could this guy be right for me?" and then wait for the answer.

    I'd say by the looks of your description, you're not all that into him.. But you may just be holding yourself back as well!

    My advice is that if he seems like a stand up guy and he makes you happy and forget about all your problems when you're around him, hold on to him and don't let him go!

    Hope I helped and all goes well for you! Update me! =)