Sex on the third date?

Do people know that the third date is typically the "sex" date. Most people have had sex by their fourth date and this is because in general, the third date is the sex date.

Also, I don't really appreciate the sarcastic comments, this site sucks


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  • Well darn. My boyfriend and I have been together for a long time (years) and we haven't had sex. I always liked being the rebel.

    • Thats.. wth... why would you do that to him?

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    • Is this why girls make guys wait till marriage? (other than religious reasons) That there scared the guy will leave them if they don't sign a legal document saying they will stay with them till they die? Iv been friends with these types of girls and they never gave a compelling answer for waiting other than the bible.

    • I suppose. It's not my reason. My reason is a mix of personal reasons and religious ones. Religious because I was raised in that faith and so it's all I know. Personal because I actually would hate myself if I ever let that happen. I don't believe my boyfriend would leave if we had sex, but I simply don't want to do it. Others are allowed to have a different view, of course, but I'm sticking to mine. Sorry if that doesn't answer your question. It's difficult to explain.

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  • When I was younger,but now I am looking for something serious so I would want to wait longer but you never know.

  • Wowww, all this time I've missed the memo. How could I have missed such a crucial, black and white step!

  • Wait what

    I'm so glad you posted this, now we know

  • Not really... lol. Watch the movie Hitch: the third date is when you KISS. :P

    I'm sure lots of couples have sex before the fourth date, but that's because they were both comfortable with it; not because there's any rule.

  • I may know that, doesn't mean it happens. It takes way more than 3 dates for me to consider having sex.

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  • I must of missed that too, since my wife and I had sex on the first date.

    • Then it still works (most people have had sex by their FOURTH date)

  • Dude, most girls are not going to "put out" when you are ready. The first time is special for women in ways men do not always understand that well. If all you are looking for is sex when she is not ready then, you need to re-evaluate the way you think about you deal with women in general. The way women think about things and the way men do are so different simple psychology. - A professional response.

  • it can be, it depends on the situation.

  • sex on the third date? are you kidding, you actually think there's something about a 3rd date and getting laid? hahhhhhhhh common now!

  • i've never had sex on the third date. or forth or whatever. who the f*** follows those rules? it just happens natually. its like you come back from a date and you relax at your place with your lady, pop some wine and some nice music and it just happens. that's the beauty of it.