Why is he not replying?

So I've had this friend since junior year of high school,we're both in college now.he got accepted to Citadel, but here's the thing, he broke up with his girlfriend of one year two weeks ago. he just got a job too. I finally told him that I liked him. not that I was in, but I just want to try going out a few times and see what happens from there. I wish I had said it to his face not in a fb message.but too late now.anyway he hasn't replied.i think I may have asked too early. but he lives in my neighborhood, and we go on walks, and we will walk and walk because we talk for hours. he was the one who broke up with his girlfriend, but I know he's hurt, I invited him to watch walking dead on my dvr because he doesn't have the channel,he seemed genuinely thankful when I told him I wanted to cheer him up. he was going to come, he seemed gung ho on it, he insisted on giving me a ride home from class that day and everything, but his parents asked him to run errands for them.he kept thanking me for walking with him the night before and I told him no problem I enjoy it.and he said its a stress reliever.we talked till almost 3 in the morning. then yesterday I got a text from him that said I love you, and later a text that said don't respond to that my coworker took my phone, then later "no I am serious I love you" and I asked if it was him or the coworker and he said his coworker was screwing with him, I believe him, and these texts were the night before I sent him my message. I told him what I had to say had nothing to do with those texts. its been a day and I had told him to take as long as he needs to reply. but I'm just wondering what he's thinking. is it better that he didn't automatically say no? or is he thinking of a nice way to reject me? I would like to think he's weighing all the factors of leaving to citadel and the breakup. but as a hopeless romantic, I'm hoping he's waiting for the perfect time to show up at my front door and say something sweet :P I know I'm dumb XD why hasn't he replied?

my plan had been to try to find concert tickets to ask him out I wanted something exclusive like ozzy or slipknot I couldn't find anything he's asked me to go to more than a handful of concert but I've only been able to go to afew because of work and college I never asked him why he doesn't take his girlfriend he always opens the car door for me and is protective at the concerts.he asked me to another concert couple days befor he broke up w/his ex.its the first band we saw together in concert last summer


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  • Damn this one seems hard. Usually people tell their friends about the people that they like and friends screw around and all that. So it's very likely that he told his co worker about you and he probably does like you. Does it say "Seen" on the fb message or still nothing? It's very possible that he does like you but wants to think it out before anything official.

    • yeah it did say seen. and hey guys I said its too late now I wish I had told him in person. I just wish if he needed time he wold have told me so I wouldn't be thinking he's ignoring me. but he's really not that kind of guy. so I'm hoping the next time we go for a jog I can apologize and let him know I'm sorry I didn't tell him in person. I was scared to tell him, but I think after this I'm not afraid to apologize correctly. I'm just gonna wait it out a week. I don't want to bug him.hes probably busy.


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  • Text and email is stupid and it voids the chemistry men and women have together so forget that technical response through a smart phone. I can't believe people do that.

  • Because he doesn't like you


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