I have a girlfriend and I think another girl likes me?

I have a girlfriend for 8 months. She is the sweetest girl and I love her alot. She also truly loves me and cares about me a lot and it would never think of hurting her. It has been a great relationship. Recently though this girl started to chat with me on Facebook. I was thinking it was harmless since she mentioned that me and my girlfriend look cute together and just talked to me about church and things like that and then she gave me her number without me asking and told me to text her so I did. But now she constantly texting and calling me throughout the day. But the thing that worries me the most is that she is becoming flirty with her texts. She told me that I'm handsome, that she likes talking to me and can't wait to see me when she comes to the new years eve service at my church, and that I'm cute and nice and also texting me winks and kisses. She even recently called me babe. What is going on with this girl? I decided to tell her that I have a girlfriend and that I love her and she said that she knows and that she just want to be good friends but she keeps calling, texting, and flirting. I tell my girlfriend everything but I haven't told her this because I don't want he'd to misunderstand things and cause a dent in our awesome relationship. What should I do? I need advice.


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  • omg... change your number or block her number and delete from Facebook, if you care about your girlfriend. don't hurt your girlfriend. If your lusting you need to be a man and end if with your girl before someone gets hurt.

  • I would just stop texting and talking to her... especially before your girlfriend finds out. If she does, she's going to think you've been hiding it for a reason. After you stop, tell your girlfriend about it. And don't make a huge deal out of it. If you play it off as a small thing, it will be a small thing. But don't hide it from her... that would be your biggest mistake. If this other girl can't respect your relationship, she shouldn't be in your life. Tell her to back off.


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