Ladies what do you like to talk about?

To all the ladies who have tried online dating, What topic do you prefer men to try and talk to you about that would warrant an enthusiastic response from you and maybe just maybe even give you the desire to want to find out stuff about them? I ask this because after trying to initiate conversations with about 200 women on and other dating websites, about their interests I ALWAYS get painfully short and dull unenthusiastic responses and NEVER any questions about anything that has to do with me. Thank you in advance for any feedback.


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  • I would try the ones you pay for because the majority of the people on the free ones don't take it very seriously. Some people are on there for the wrong reasons. For me anyway sometimes its easier to communicate on the computer because there's no awkward silence and you should have things to talk about especially if its new and fresh. If they really were looking for someone to get to know they would take more interest

    • If you don't mind me asking and In your opinion why do you think a woman would take the time to setup an online profile and check it daily if they weren't going to take it seriously?

      Thank you.

    • To get attention. Kind of like Facebook. I tried the free ones because I couldn't afford the ones you had to pay for at the time but I used to get men that didn't take it seriously and would say how sexy cute and hot I was without taking any time to get to know me and also got the occasional men that had the one or 2 answers. I became frustrated and stop with them because they didn't take it serious and they wanted to add me as a friend just to rack up their list.


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  • well just try every day stuff like I don't know like texting I guess I've never dated online but just act as if your texting a buddy and talk about something like every day stuff that happens

  • The point of on line dating is just to FIND people. The actual dating part doesn't start until you meet the person face to ugly face.

    • Lol yeah but getting to that point apparently requires a very long 2 way conversation because for women a simple thing like meeting at the mall for an undetermined period of time just to talk is the equivalent of a space shuttle launch for NASA.

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    • I can totally understand caution but its a mall not a dark alley.

    • On line dating is close to a blind date.

  • ourselves.:)

    • Like your interests? lol ;)

  • I would pull from something that the two of you have in common. Then you could both contribute to the conversation.

    Also, do you not have a picture on the site?

    They might be skeptical if you do not. Even if you do I think it's easy to be skeptical, but if there's no picture its even easier.


    • Yes I do have a picture up. 3 actually.

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    • What do you mean intimidated by me? And if they weren't attracted to me then in your opinion why do you think they responded to my emails instead of just deleting them?

    • Maybe they are just trying to be polite by responding?

      By intimidated I mean think you are "too attractive" for them.

      Also, maybe they are just really busy when they are responding...

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  • Probably I can tell you one thing which girls like to talk. It is their feeling about love and breakups. How they felt and believe me they will be talking to you for hours on that.

    Love, Crush,Break-ups are their favorite topics.You can talk them and engage them for hours.

    • But damn is that boring.. :P

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    • " What's your view on love and relationships " and then try to pick questions from their answers.

    • Thanks!