Guys Would you still like a girl who doesn't date?

Okay, So I started a new High School a couple of months back and when I first started everybody was asking if I dated and blah blah blah so I told them that I was a Muslim and don't date guys, I told them that am very religious and wear the Hijab for a reason. So a couple weeks later a guy told me he liked me and I said I was sorry but that I wouldn't date unless it was serious and that I wasn't doing anything other than friends at the moment. A couple of months have gone by now but there are Rumors going around that now 3 guys like me and one of them is my douchy Guy friend. Non of them are Muslim. Two are Catholic and one's Atheist and there's also this other Muslim Guy at my Youth Center that likes me. I know am not supermodel HOT heck am not not even classified as HoT.

By the way am NOT Arab am African and 2 of the Guys are white and 2 are black.

So this is My Question, I told them from the start that I don't date. Why are they putting me in this awkward in-between situation? Would you still hang-out with someone you like but want to date?


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  • Like as in being attracted to, yes. They might still try to win you over though.


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  • Dear madam,

    Once a Gentlemen likes a Lady he would pursue her as such a way an animal pursues a mate. We are animals, no denying it. We still have the primal ways in our memory. Your best bet would be to explain to them that you are not interested. I hope I could be of assistance madam.


    The English Gentlemen

  • at the end of the line? No, because it is stated in El Qu`ran, that men should lower there gaze, that`s why you wear the Hidjab and that`s why you don`t invite any kind of guy muslim or non-muslim to date you... you are preserved for Allah. that`s it, they`ll stop persuing you eventually over time when they get bored chasing you. by the way I`m an Essene Jew ;-) And I guess I would prefer a girl who is kind and doesn`t date then one who does and only wants one thing Sex, and yes I`m talking about a Devout Muslim Young Lady...

  • If they like every time they don't mean dating. They mean they want to spend time with you. Simple.


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