What should I do with him? Should I stay or should I run?

I'm currently "dating" this guy. Nothing serious just yet. We've had a few weeks of getting to know each other. All is well we are very comfortable with one another and with just being ourselves around each other. Which is good. I made him wait and yesterday we kissed for the first time. Before this we always hung out here and there between time that we had available. After every meeting he'd text me something sweet about seeing me. I've been straight forward and honest with him. He's always the one to contact me and the one who always starts the conversations but after the kiss I didn't hear from him like I usually do. 24 hours later I got the courage to just text him something silly (a conversation starter) but I still haven't received a reply. He is a year younger than me, I know age doesn't matter but in this case does it. Should I be worried? Should I wait? Should I give this guy a chance or just drop him all together.


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  • That is really weird that he has not contacted you. Either is just busy, or something turned him off. He is only a year younger than you that is nothing, age is only a number anyway, it really does not matter that much, for male or female these days. I would just back off from him for awhile and see what happens. You don't want to push this guy, men like to do the chasing. Let him come to you. If he does'nt then move on. His loss.

  • I think you should give him a chance if he calls or texts soon but if he doesn't do either of them soon...DROP HIM. He's not worth your emotional pain or time. Do what you know is best for you.