How do I make the kiss better?

me and my girlfriend have been getting along great things are nice and good now. we have gotten over the tension of the first kiss and all and now we are comfortable doing it every time with each other (kissing that is) . anyways I know we both enjoy kissing each other a lot because she usually can't stop thinking about us kissing or me kissing her or me being at her house kissing her and other things. I have turned her on a couple times and I know that's great. what I was wondering is that when we kiss again and like for a while should I like rub her arm or something and like make her feel like REALLY special and happy because I do know that some girls like it when they are kissing a guy that the guy does more then just kiss them and actually likes hold them. so should I like try to rub her arm up and down gently and see what happens or should I should stay with what is going on now?


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  • ye sgo to the next level the touching try to hold her more close to you and play w her hair


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  • Stroke along her jawline/hold her chin, play with her hair, play with her earlobe.

    quirky little things like that are surprising and great.


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  • If you both are comfortable with touching your bodies, let your hand(s) wonder. Run your hands though her hair, rub her back, hug her closer/tighter. Embrace her more is what I'm trying to say.

    Try kissing her on the side of the neck, and sucking/nibbling on the ear lobe(lightly!). Try sucking/nibbling on the upper, or lower lips, again lightly.

    Try different positions of kissing... Come from behind, when she's laying down, and lean over her, and kiss her. come up to her, and hold her down kind of, and kiss her(dominant... this goes for the girls too :) the guy won't deny your love), Try kissing laying on the couch.

    Just have fun, and explore each other. See what you guys like.

    Oh, also... Try lightly blowing on her neck, or whispering things into her ear. Maybe put your faces together, and let your eye lashes flicker against each other's faces.