I still catch him looking at me and he still texts me for help on stuff. Why?

So I told the guy I like(d) that I liked him about 3 months ago and I'm taking it he didn't like me back Because he never really gave me an answer. But he said our friendship wouldn't change Because he already knew that I liked him. Well I just stopped liking him because every other girl likes him. But I still catch him looking at me and he still texts me for help on stuff. Last year we really hit it off but I guess things have changed? HELP! anything


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  • He probably is afraid of commitment so he freaks out at someone liking him too much at the start.


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  • No at this point Wether he's reeling the truth or not,...just let him be.cause if you push he will just pull away, so there is nothing you should do he spoke his peace..sorry this is the best advice because I just went the something similar a few weeks ago..and he want interested a well our start this is what he says,I can't call him a liar, and I refuse to pursue it cause I strongly believe if he was a little bit interested he might not of said yes, but he would of definitely never said no.regardless of his body language our eye contact, if he can't tell me then it doesn't mean much, I can't imagine how hard it was for you to admit your feelings and put it our there, so that same effort you put out says allot and he should understand that and know that and reciprocate it back if he's interested. So being that he didn't...that speaks volumes.any way you would rather have someone to share it feeling, not give you more insecurities. Just be his friends for now, and see what happens, in the mean time date a little, more night our with the girls. ...trust me right now just give time and space.

    • for the past couple months I just stopped trying to make conversations with him. I don't even feel like trying to make anything out of it. I thought I was over it but now he is always looking at me. N now he is responding to my tweets on twitter and retweeting them and he usually doesn't do that often.

    • Yeah, I hear ya. It's hard to say if he is trying to play you. I think maybe he's missing you out the attention you have him. Now just be short, be friendly but short, he says he like a pic, if you feel like it send a smiley face saying thank you.and that's it..then log off lol.. Or wait until he log of the send him that comment, .. I'm telling you time make the heart grow finder. You get my drift ;-)