Is it okay to ignore texts or calls from a girlfriend sometimes

Im just really stressed out with everything going on in my life, I have bad grades and the college I can get in to I can't even go because my mom lost her job and we can't afford it, and I don't have good enough grades to get a scholarship. She just keeps texting me about how a harvard and dartmouth doctor is going to write a rec for her to get into yale and how she is in vegas and sold 50 of her parents books in an hour which just keeps driving my feelings about my situation down the drain and I feel like I just need some alone time to try and cheer up. Should I just not text or call back for a little or is that bad and should I say something to her. I just don't want to keep talking to her for a little and hear about how perfect her life is and how I can't even drive my car anymore unless I'm going to school and back because we don't have enough money.


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  • Hi, if you feel stressed, and want to be alone, let her know first. if you ignore her texts or calls without any reason, I think it may be problematic.

    Be strong. Life is very challenging. Sometime we need to be alone and enjoy our personal moments. If she understands and leaves you a range of time to think, it is ok.


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  • Talk to her


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  • Well, If it happened to me (being me the one with perfect life and my girlfriend like you) I could not be happy knowing about her situation. Plus, I wouldn't brag about what I have, especially if the girl was in your situation.

    Now if I was you, I would tell her that she should not do that. If she kept doing it, I would probably dump her.

    PS: that's a problem in the US, no one can get to college. In my country most people can, because it's just 1100€/year.