In a perfect world couldn't the guys who only date hot women for sex. . .

and the women that only date guys for money be with each other? wouldn't that just make it a lot easier for those of who aren't as shallow to find someone?

also virgins should marry other virgins that just seems logical to me.


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  • The problem is that women who date guys for money try and get as much money out of the man WITHOUT having sex.

    They don't want ot be looked at as prostitutes GOD FORBID!

    The idea of most men is to get sex with least amount of money spent on women.

    The idea of most women is to get the most money with the least amount of sex on men.

    Its a sad sad world we live in but that's the truth.

    • so the ideal relationship would be no spending money and there being no sex. . . so a friendship? haha

    • For most people, yes.

      Ever heard of people saying: "i don't want to ruin the friendship with sex?"

      And "lets not have sex, because it complicates things?"

      there you go.


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  • Well, women want sex too, or at least a majority of them do. And virtually all women care about money, just some a lot less than others. It isn't like these things are cut and dry. Virtually all humans like sex, and virtually all women want a self-sufficient man (though some might be more materialistic than others). It is one big continuum, not an "either/or" choice.

  • People don't have "Ima scumbag" stamped on their foreheads - they're all around us, enabling the chances that you'll be burned.

    ..actually - SOME people don't have that label - most of time you actually know what someone is like inside-out within a minute.

  • Your view of a perfect world and mine are two very different worlds.

  • One could only hope as far as dating is concerned. I don't feel confident about being in a relationship with anyone because of how un-perfect the world actually is.

  • Who says the guys who date hot women for sex, are the same guys that have money to please the gold diggers?

    Who says the gold diggers are even hot?

    • well shoot you just blew though my logic:) but I was just saying in a perfect world, the crap people should go be with the other crap people and leave everyone else out of it.

  • Virgins still can marry other virgins, mostly just in more traditional religious communities like the Mormons, strict Catholics, Muslims, etc.

    • i don't think its right for guys who have had sex to marry girls who are virgins. virginity is sacred and they gave theirs away why do they deserve another one?

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    • yeah I guess, but I'm just having a hard time meeting one, every guy has already had sex and the few they haven't don't wanna wait any longer so they are going out with the easy girls so cause its so obvi they give it away for money. its annoying.

    • Maybe you're looking in the wrong places? Or perhaps you're not attracted to the types of guys who are most likely to be virgins? The hottest, most popular guys are going to loose their virginity fairly quickly, at least outside of very religious circles. Perhaps you need to join a church like that if you really want a male virgin?

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  • Virgins marrying other virgins" - That's one boring "perfect" world and a bad sex life (If they're not sexually compatible).

    • Did the virgins downvoted me? LOL xDD

    • they probably did lol