How long would you date someone you have no intention of marrying?

If you are one of those people that actually wants to get married, would you date someone that you really couldn't see yourself staying with forever?

Or would you not date them at all since they are not "the right one"?


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  • If it qualified as a FWB, yes. I would not let her believe she was building toward marriage and would end the relationship if The One came along.


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  • I would be with someone forever but would not get married. If a woman is pushing marriage that is a really bad sign she is either selfish or ignorant. The sad truth is that its just a all around bad idea for men to get married the risk is far far far to high.


What Girls Said 2

  • No. I wouldn't waste my age on him. I wouldn't date him.

    If I stay with him that long but then when I turn 30 he would find someone else he wants to marry then leave me, then I wasted my precious time on him. Men if they got old, they still have the chance to meet other women, they actually have better chances then women who get old.

  • Upon first meeting someone you can't automatically tell if they're "the right one" or not...sure there might be a few things that stick out initially that will let you know that they definitely aren't so that's an easy "no" right there...but in general you'd have to get to know them first, hang out with them, date them, etc. That being said, if while dating them I discover that he really isn't someone I can see myself marrying then I'll end the relationship because there is no point continuing it.