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I string guys along a lot. I sort of consider myself to be one of the guys and ignore the fact that they want to date me. I don't want to date anyone except for this one guy. I don't know why but he's the only guy I've been interested in for a LONG time. He's less attractive then most of the guys who are interested in me but for some reason I find him fantastic. I just felt like giving you this background info to share with you the perfection of this individual :) Sigh*** he's great. Also he's always known of my existence and never shown any interest. What. Do. I. Do? :o


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  • Flirt with him and ask him out. This day and age I understand women want guys to make the first move. But if he has average looks and is shy and you are pretty he may fear rejection. You are young and he is too I'm guessing so most guys love aggressive girls. Girls who make it clear they like a guy whether through flirting or actually making the first move. trust me men love this. so don't be shy once he gets the hint hell chase you and if he does not then he does not really like that's that.


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  • My crush probably thinks I've never shown any interest in her... I have a crush on her though... I'm just shy and not always great at showing interest. Therefore, you can't know that he's never shown any interest. Maybe you're right but what I'm saying is you can never know how someone really feels unless you actively find out.

  • stringing guys along isn't cool. stop it.

    • I know, I know! I don't try to that's just how it feels. They're my friends I don;t want to hurt them they just don't get that we're friends. :(

    • friends don't lead other friends on by thinking they will ever get a chance at a romantic relationship if you aren't interested in them in that way. if anything, help them find someone that they might like that may return their feelings.

  • You show him you're into him? I don't know, haha..there's no real question here

    • I guess it's just another classic 'how to get a guy interested in you question' ...I'm just so confused by how much I like him, it doesn't make sense.

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    • Oh come on be a sport. There's a question, it says "What do I do"

    • ...and I told you, Like I said, there's no REAL question here, now stop pestering me. The question itself already f***ing pissed me off

  • Was stating the fact that you string guys along necessary? Doesn't really make anyone want to help out someone who does this fyi.

    Show some interest. Talk with him. Ask him about whatever it is you find so fantastic.

    • Sorry should have phrased that differently. Guilty I guess but I can;t help it.

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