Am I in the wrong for using empty threats?

I've been dating thoris guy for about 6 months and we hit it off pretty good. We had sex for the first time on Saturday and today I found out he has two children ages 5 and 14 and that he is 34. Not only that but he's married! I feel really bad because I only found by seeing them in the mall together.

He actually had the nerve to hug me and introduce me like nothing had happened. Then he texts me and says he was going to tell me soon that he was married and not really 25 but 34.

I was really angry so I was going off saying all types of things and I told him that I was going to inform his wife that he's been cheating.

I did break it off with him but now he has been calling and texting and he came to my house and knocked for half an hour. I realized that I was speaking out of anger and I would never disrespect or anger his wife by something like this.

I feel so stupid because she is really nice . Yet I'm a homewrecker. Am I wrong for using that empty threat?


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  • No,

    He committed the worst sin possible. He cheated on his wife who he promised never to do so. How does it feel to know he lied to you, cheated on you, betrayed you? What if he had AID's?

    Tell his wife. You see if you do not, that makes you a party to adultery which mean you inherit the sin of another. What if you get pregnant, he is off to another stupid young girl who will put out just like you did . You will be cheated on and betrayed in your future.

    The wife needs the truth. Why would the universe make the truth visible to you? Tell the wife in the most embarrassing way possible. The next time he shows up at the house, call the police, let her bail him out of jail. You let this go, then you have no value and he just ran over you and got away with it.

    Good luck,


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  • Go far far away from him. NEVER talk to him again. You weren't intending to be a homewrecker, you didn't seek him out with the intent of being Little Miss Affair, you just got caught up in some BS that nobody deserves to. Just NEVER speak to him again, or tell him outright that you want NOTHING to do with him. The bad news of this is, you're probably not the first one. Most cheaters are serial cheaters. They say they learn from their mistakes, but someone who is a roamer at heart is like a bee jumping from flower to flower. It's best you get out of there.

    • Wow, you are so right. I plan on telling him to move on because I hate people that cheat. Now I'm an accessory to his cheating. Thanks for your answer.

  • just don't talk to him anymore he's a jackass

  • NO You are not in the wrong at all. He is an awful person to risk his family. I don't know that you need to tell his wife immediately, but if this guy doesn't drop it then absolutely tell her

    • I hope he drops it because I would hate for her to hate me for something so stupid. And I would hate to see her hurt over something so stupid.

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  • You were angry. People say things when they are angry that they may not even mean. If you are asking me if that makes it OK that you said it, I'll say no every time. But it does mean that you have now come to your senses, and though it may have been wrong to say it is in the past now. Under ordinary circumstances I'd say apologize, but I wouldn't do it here. You should tell him to stop contacting you immediately since you are clearly against dating a married man. I would probably also throw in something about leave me alone, I'm not going to help you destroy the sanctity of marriage, but I also tend to be a little dramatic.

    So in summary, it was wrong to say, but don't fret over it. The past is the past and you can move on now :)

    Good luck dear, hope it works out for you!

    • Thanks! When he calls back I will definitely tell him that.

  • No you should not have this burden upon your shoulders. This guy is a scumbag. He has done this crap before. You have every right to be angry this guy betrayed your trust and played with your emotions. I would block his number and drop contact with him completely like a bad habit. He sounds very manipulative and insecure. Trust me his wife knows what she has on her hands and you better be happy that you found out early. 6 months of tears is better than 6 years of tears. Count your blessing, cut the contact, and K.I.M. which means...Keep It Moving. You can be angry and yell, scream, curse, etc...because this yellow belly coward deserves the verbal insults you are sending his way. He did the ultimate act of betrayal. K.I.M. girl, Keep It Moving. Don't waste the pretty on him. He's not worth it.

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    • Thanks so much for your answer.