I Background Checked Him

I met this guy through a popular online dating site and I've been seeing him for almost 4 months. He is very secretive about himself and when I brought that fact up he brushes it off or changes the subject. Because of the culture in his native country I feared he might be married.

So I gave him a back ground check(using a well known and reputable service) but nothing came up in a either a states wide or nation wide search .Not even so much as a speeding ticket.

So I reverse searched his cellphone number and it was listed under another name.

I searched that name up and again no information could be found on that person in either a states wide or nation wide search .

He's been in America since he was a child . He is a naturalized citizen able to vote. Once when we were going to dinner he was pulled over by the cops and given a warning . I glimpsed his license so I'm fairly certain he is who he says he is But I haven't met anyone in his life (family or friends).

Some may find what I did morally wrong but the internet makes it very easy for people to misrepresent themselves. But the question is should I be worried that I couldn't find anything on him?


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  • I've never done it personally because I don't agree with the necessity, but moving past that...I understand your reasons. If you found nothing he probably just doesn't frequent sites that keep much on him. He may not be hiding anything and could just be relatively inactive online and doesn't have anything that has legally called attention to him. I don't think it's suspicious. I doubt sincerely that he has very much to necessarily hide. Tell him you'd like to get to know him better in the future, if you really are curious, instead of relying on the internet. The best source is direct experience and conversation.


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  • Stop with the paranoia, if you wanna know something just straight up ask it.

    And way to jump to conclusions just because of the culture in the country. Not everyone within any culture follows to the dot all aspects of their culture. There are things in my culture that I don't do just as I'm sure there are things in your culture that you don't. So don't get all paranoid, just ask him if you have any questions.

    The basis for any good relationship is trust, if you can't trust him or he can't trust you then the relationship won't pan out.

    And as far as your reverse phone number, he could be on a shared plan where the primary contract holder's name will show. Shared plans are cheaper so lots of times it's a good idea to share with someone you trust and split the bill in half, just make sure you're both authorized to alter things on the plan if necessary unless of course it's your kid or someone like that. It could also be a phone given by a company.

  • he could be a spy.


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  • You're being invasive. That's nut. Stop being paranoid.

  • So what if it was listed as another name?

    It could have been someone else's phone number before, get over it.

    Stop being so insecure. Maybe you should mind your own business, and find someone outside a website, if you're going to be nosey.

    • Lol I've had my phone number 2 and a half years now and it still comes up as a WHOLE other name like Wanda or Wilma or something. Lol. My mom started jokingly calling me the other ladies name in humor for a while.

  • "Don’t punish [him] because you can’t find evidence of something [he] has to hide." - link