Can someone still care if they send a harsh break up text?

I have been dating this guy for 3 months. Everything has been great. We both have kids and we were spending every weakened together sometimes even the week. We spent Thanksgiving together and we both kept making future plans because of how well we were getting along. The weakened b4 we split we had a great time flirting and left on a good not by the way he told me he loved me and I do too. He rely is a wonderful guy. Monday we talked and he was all we should take the kids somewhere in the near future it was all good then Tuesday nothing. I noticed he was on and off Facebook avoiding my messages . I finely got mad because I new he was avoiding and told him to tell me what was going on he responded with a text. He said don't call don't message. It is over between us don't ask why you will make this harder then it needs to be. I just don't understaind how it could go from on extreme to another? To top it off its been 5 days and he still has me as a friend on Facebook and his status has not changed either. I'm so confused because it's like he flip a switch or something. I real do care about him and I have not contacted him seanc. His brothers girlfriend contacted me because his family I guess was confused too. I did not say much of anything to her but I know he's been in a horrible mood? Any suggestions?


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  • Sounds like his script for his medication ran out. He'll probably call you in a few days once it's renewed as if nothing ever happened. Oh, and you'll be the crazy one according to him.

    People who flip & go hot & cold at the drop of a dime without a reason or explanation should be avoided unless you like rollercoasters cause your in for one hell of a ride.

    Can he still care?. Some days he will & some days he won't.

    • Yeah medications hmm that's one idea I think only time will tell I'm just hoping in not going to be dumb when or if he comes around!

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  • We tend to hurt the ones we love


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  • Unfortunately you might not ever find out why. It is strange that he flipped like that and it has left you totally confused it would confuse anyone. What he did make plain was that it was over. I know it hurts, but just let him go. Cut all communication with him. I personally would not be his friend on face book especially if reading the comments brought me any pain. The not knowing why is horrible, but please know its not at all about you. Women tend to blame themselves when relationships end, but its all about him and whatever he is dealing with. Sad to hear you are hurting, try your best to move on. Good luck.

    • Yeah I see what you mean. It's just so puzzling. It makes it dificult to just let go not knowing what happened Ty for the info.