How do I know if my girlfriend wants me to kiss her? please help!

we are both 16,

we both never kissed yet,

we are together for 2 weeks now,

she told me already a few times that she loves me and thinks about me all the time,

we hold hands,cuddle and hug a lot.

what do I do?! please help asap


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  • `if you're that worried about it.

    A. ask her.

    B. wait for her to kiss you.

    • isnt asking her "can I kiss you now" would be wierd?

      and about waiting for her, I don't think she will ever make the move because she is really shy.

    • first off no its not awkward, its really attractive.. it shows respect. and self confidence that you confront it rather than rushing in out of nervousness. and are adult enough to communicate

      theres a reason you're tentative. respect that. talk to her.

      communication is important. confiding in strangers rather than talking to her. not good. there's no reason you can't talk to her.

      'Shes shy'. she can still kiss you. you're shy too-or ud talk to her. but you still want to kiss. either of you can do it.


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  • She wants you to kiss her, especially if she's saying she loves you haha

    Id go for just a nice peck on the lips though. No full on making out.

    I never had a first kiss, the first boy to kiss me just went for a make out and I thought it was really weird and gross lol

  • You kiss her ;-)

  • Just kiss her. Stolen kisses are the best. Just do it :D You can do it! :D

  • FIRST: Did she immediately tell you that she hadn't gotten kissed.

    I am also 16 and just had my first kiss with my Boyfriend (literally last weekend). I didn't tell him I was a "lip virgin" at first, but when I told him, he was a little shocked and it was a little awkward until he kissed my cheek and then I kissed his. He took that as his green light to kiss me and now we're both happy. He had more experience than me and at first we started off with a peck. No awkward words or anything and since I learn by doing, he slowly added more steps until I got the hang of it.

    I hope this helps and if you have more questions/need more advice, comment...

  • She wants it

    You're both just shy

  • you kiss her


What Guys Said 2

  • I would say using "I love you" before kissing is a little fast, but that is a different story. If you want to kiss her - KISS HER! When you are saying buy and you go in to hug, hug then pull back a bit, look at her eyes her lips, her eyes, tilt your head, and go in. If she really wants to kiss you she will figure out her part.

    As for if she wants to kiss you, read her body language. If she touches her (or yours) face/mouth a lot, puts on chapstick/lip balm/etc while you are watching her, licks her lips often, (this one is harder to read) but if she offers you gum and takes a piece herself. There are more, but that should give you a very nice idea as to what she wants you to do.

  • Dude kiss her! Don't for make out or anything right off the bat but start off slow. Start with kisses on the cheek and stuff and when the time is right you two will kiss and all that other stuff.

    Don't rush it, let it happen!

    Good Luck