Would you date someone who had friends of the opposite sex?

I would never date a woman who had a male best friend(s), that's too much drama and I've been through that before. If I'm with a woman, I'm supposed to be her boyfriend and best friend! If a woman were to dump me because of this, 9 times out of 10 she's ******* him and I don't need that drama in my life. Would you date someone who had friends of the opposite sex, I wouldn't.


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  • I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't date guys with female friends since most of my close friends are guys and no, I haven't slept with any of them. I just get along better with guys, tend to have more lasting friendships with them. I have no interest in any of them outside friendship and none of them have ever shown the slgihtest sexual interest in me- they're either in long term relationships or actually married.

    I'm fine with a guy I date having female friends because I understand that friendship can be platonic and I believe in trusting my gut. If you feel like something is off about the friendship- it probably is. If I don't sense anything but friendly affection between them, then what's the harm?

    My thoery us this- if a guy wants to be with me, then he is. If he wanted to be with his female friend then he would be. I don't actually care if they were together in the past- if he's up front about it, and doesn't spend frequent evenings alone with her, it makes no difference to our relationship.

    Any guy I date has to accept I have male friends and I care about them, they're like family- if he's going to date me, he'll have to deal with them.


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  • Depends on how close they areand if the friend is hanging around all the time

    But you can't help who you like and if you trust the person then it shouldn't be a problem. Trust is huge, If they haven't given you a reason not to trust them, then relax. Just keep your eyes open. Its a risk you have to take and if you like this person enough to preceed.


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  • my girlfriend has a guy best friend but he's gy so I guess its different?

    I honestly don think its that big of a deal though. you don't have to be so insecure. if the girl likes you she likes you, and wants to be with you. you don't have to worry about friends.

    If I found that that best friend had a big crush on her id be upset. but you can't force people, especially someone your in a relationship with, to do anything. it will ruin the relationship forever.

    • *he's gay, so its different. typo, sorry

    • Of course you trust her he's gay!

  • Yet you don't see that if you get dumped for that, you were the one she was saving herself from the drama lol