Email success rate in online dating?

What's the usual success rate of getting replies to your emails? It's weird because sometimes even girls where the profiles match up perfectly won't reply.

I stay away from generic things in the emails and tend to focus on specific things on there's and maybe joke around or be witty.


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  • I was talking to a male friend about online dating the other day. I told him that what matters on dating sites are pictures, the profiles aren't very important. It's sad but true. I've been on dating sites before and if I liked a guy's picture, I replied to his message. Without even taking a look at his profile. So I think the success rate depends mostly on the way you look and the sort of picture(s) you upload. The first message itself also isn't that important – as long as the girls like your looks. Of course, the first message shouldn't be a copy & paste thing or some stupid "hey how's it going" thing, and sending something personalised is better. But really, the picture is what matters most. To me anyway. I know it's shallow, but that's online dating.


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  • I love online dating.

    • I'm getting frustrated.

  • it would depend on which website you are using.

    some of them are paid, so people need to pay to read / reply to the emails they get... and some people just make their profiles and never go there again.

    • well, the ones who have to pay to reply to would seem that there wouldn't be a very good response rate from that.

  • Well maybe it's your photo. I hear that if a guy doesn't look good in his photo females won't respond.


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