Girls what is the difference when you refer to a guy "As my boyfriend' or "A guy I am dating"?

Is there a difference between the two ? Does one mean you are available to date other guys


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  • There is no difference, for me. I don't date multiple guys at once, and if I'm datING him, that means there have been several dates, therefore I'd consider him my boyfriend. Now he may not consider me his girlfriend yet (this has happened before) and it didn't really bother me. Only after we'd been together a looooong time would I be mad that he didn't consider me his girlfriend.

    Basically, if I kiss him, I'll consider him my boyfriend.

    There is a difference for most people. But anyone I'll go in several dates with is someone I'd consider my boyfriend. Otherwise, I would've ended it earlier, haha!

    I say, you're always available to date other people until exclusivity has been declared. Like I said, I'm always "exclusive" simply because I don't date more than one person at a time. But the guys don't have to be exclusive until we've actually declared exclusivity. Fortunately, I've never had to have the formal talk about it, it just basically happened.


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  • Yes there is a difference. Being someone's boyfriend implies that you are in a exclusive relationship. Dating someone means that you are going on dates with them but haven't moved on to the exclusive relationship yet. Some people go on dates with different guys at the same time. I don't think that I personally could ever do this but a lot of girls do. When people are dating someone they are usually kind of testing out the waters to see if they are compatible.

  • Usually I just say their name and people know that's who I mean but to people who don't know me well and who I don't want to let in I just say boyfriend, no matter if we are exclusive or not yet. It's easier than explaining "seeing" to my grandmother

  • There is a difference. To me 'boyfriend' means that you are officially together. Dating means to me like expirementing. Testing to see if you like him or not.

    hope it helps! :P


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