Guy helping girl get date.

So my single guy friend has been giving me advice on how to go out with another guy. There is nothing out there about what this might mean. He is not gay, as most people seem to ask, but he helped me get a date with another guy. Why is he being helpful like this, when guys don't get girls dates? And the guy I have a date with is not his friend so it isn't even a favor or a chance these two would ever talk.


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  • Uh, ever consider that maybe he's doing this because he's nice? He's your friend. Friends help friends. Not everything needs to be done with something expected in return. Not everything has an ulterior motive. Not everything is part of a scheme. I think it sounds like he was just being a good friend. It sounds like he was being nice because he's nice.

    Much like Dionysos, I, too, have done this favour for my friends. Male and female, both. I was just doing someone a favour. I was just being nice. It's the same reason I come to this site we're on. Because I like to help people. It's not because I'm gay, or after something. I'm just trying to help people.

    Perhaps you should rethink things.

    • Not that he is expecting anything, but this is not like him at all. He has never done this with other guys I have liked.

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    • He once told a guy to never talk to me again. And scared another one off before. Not sure how he did that. So he had kept them away.

    • Do you know why?


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  • I've helped girls I wasn't into get dates, and girls that aren't into me have helped me get dates. Pay if forward.

  • Do you expect something in return for everyhing you do for your friends?

    •'s just very uncharacteristic of him to help with this guy since before he would give bad advice.

  • Interesting. So he's helping a friend without asking or expecting something in return? Why would anyone do that? Maybe he wants money.

    • It's not the being nice part, but the fact this is not like him at all. Helping yes, but helping with guys is new.

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  • Wow. You'e not very smart are you? Ever think that maybe he's doing this just to help you as a friend?

    • I believe he wants to help, but it's not normal for him. He always tries to stop the dates or intimidate them.

    • Any idea why he used to try to stop you?