Why do some people blame their dating problems on others and not themselves?

"Where have all the good men/women gone?"

Why can't it be your fault you can't find anyone for you?

In fact, why are you desperate to be in a relationship?

If you under 30, be happy with yourself, no one wants a partner who's desperate.


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  • I like your attitude. We're not victims of circumstance. Our lives are artifacts of the choices we make. God I wish I'd made a lot more choices to hit the gym... :-)


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  • Cause they're weak.

  • Your young, you don't know anything!

    • She's still right though. :-)

    • It's not your fault that God created you with an ugly face, and girls reject you while your forced into loneliness. Sad but men go through this twice as much as women!

  • I'd say that most girls have extremely high standards for men, to the point of ruling out 80% of men out of hand due to looks, status, money, etc. Men basically want somewhat decent looks and personality. The problem is that girls want far more from men than men want back from girls, so there's always going to be a surplus of single girls who are unhappy that there aren't enough super hot, rich, funny guys to go around. Most girls who are single in their 20's are so because they choose to be, whereas many guys who are single are so because there aren't enough girls that want to date "average" men. It has always been like this.

    • I don't know. We pretty much want everything. You're right though if you talk about what we'll settle for. An occasional roll in the hay will keep most of us pretty happy.

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  • People don't like to admit they are wrong or that they have flaws. If you fail a test at school you'll probably say that the test was too hard versus, I'm stupid and I didn't study. It's called self serving bias (very interesting actually, you should google it.) in other words, when something bad happens they will external factors instead of internal, personal factors about themselves.

    People are in a rush to get in a relationship because they see everyone else happy and in a relationship and they come to expect this as normal. "all my friends have boyfriends so why don't I? Something must be wrong with me"