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Ok a few months ago my girlfriend said she wanted to be friends and asked me to move out. I was heartbroken but accepted her choice. I moved out. We still talk a couple times a week, maybe hang out but not very much. Today she said to me that she thinks that if we had more time apart she might want to get back together. I don't want to not see her, but if she thinks we may get back together, should I take that chance? I know that regardless of whether or not we see each other she will confide in me things that are going on in her life, she trusts me more than anyone else.

I do want to be with her again, but I don't want to rush into it.


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  • Idk what you're asking. Do you want to get back together with her?


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  • I say give her a whole lot of space, as in don't contact her for a while and don't see her for a while. She will eventually start calling you more and trying to hang out more when she is ready. I think doing this will give you a better chance of getting back with her, though it's not guaranteed to work.