Do you text your girlfriend back if she doesn't respond back the way you want?

If your girlfriend only texts back one word or is not contributing a lot to the conversation, do you just stop texting her. It pisses me off and makes me feel like crap so I usually just don't text her back.


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  • Yes ,that's really annoying..

    you sent her a text-message.. and she didn’t respond.

    What the hell you think to yourself .. how could this stupid girl not answer me yo(hopefully you are such a baller that you don’t notice a non-response from a single girl)… “how could she possibly ignore me”.

    and this is where a lot of guys go wrong. They think.. well maybe if I just keep sending texts/calling/chasing/being a chump; I will show her how much of a loser/stalker/creep great guy I am.

    Do not ever chase. If a girl ever gives you an indicator of dis interest such as ignoring your phone call/text. Hell.. even if she turns around and does something rude to you.. you punish her for it lol

    I don’t mean like get mad and confront her.. cause that would make you look super lame and she would just make some excuses like “i lost my phone sorry” or some other lies. You would look even more like a fool when she finally convinces you haha.

    If you don’t know the girl at all and this happens you aren’t really “punishing” the behavior since she doesn’t care but the concept is the same.. you don't “reward” bad behavior. If she wants to ignore you.. you just wait it out. Don’t call or send any more messages.. just let everything die out completely.. wait a week or two. I guarantee 99% of these girls will cave in once they realize they messed up you are a real man that won’t bend to their mind games.

    Its a pretty rough world out there.. but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of situations you completely understand. ^_^

    • I know how to do that when I'm single. But this is my girlfriend.

    • first ask her politely ,if something's wrong so I might help you? and if she continues doing this stuff then call her out straight for her bad behavior..that you find it weird and annoying when she's doing this stuff.. if something is wrong then tell me otherwise I'm also not interested in talking with you either..

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  • nope because that would be encouraging her to do the same behavior and result in overall bad communication, how about asking if she's busy or tell her you're let her go and talk to her some other time.

  • yup

  • Yeah, you could stop texting her if she is only sending single words to you.

  • Tell her how you feel, or break up with her. She either doesn't realize how she's making you feel, is a total bitch, or you're annoying the crap out of her. Not texting her is a pretty low thing to do, by the way.


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